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More Progress

Grand Opening time is just a little more than a month away. Now may be a great time to just give up. The walls are just studs and insulation, both covered in a thick layer of dirt, grime and dust. With a limited budget and amount of time here is what we decided to do. Remember the 100 year old barn from NC? Well, I covered the large wall in what will be the main showroom with the salvaged siding from the barn. Covering the wall with the barn siding had been my plan all along and I was upset when I realized that there was not enough siding to cover the entire wall. I decided to try using the metal roofing to finish the wall. That solution, of course, had a challenge as well. Because the metal roofing came from two

different sides of the barn, and recieved sun differently, they aged differently. Neither pile of the metal was enough to cover the area beneath the siding. The solution was to alternate them creating a stripe effect, this really turned out well and I think added to the overall effect, I took pieces of the joist from the barn and used it to make a " chair rail" and frame out the window.

A great use for the salvaged items and what a waste it would have been if it had ended up in a landfill.

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