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image1 (19).jpeg

Kim Moon, Barn

image5 (1).jpeg
image2 (5).jpeg

Dale Cogan, Cat Eyes

image0 (5).jpeg

Kim Moon, Rose

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image1 (20).jpeg

Ann Annrich, Lab Fishing

image0 (4).jpeg

Ann Anrrich, Rhodesian Ridgeback

image1 (22).jpeg

Neon Goddess, Reece Younger

image0 (6).jpeg
image0 (3).jpeg

Tommie Toner, Purple Vase 20x20

image2 (8).jpeg
image1 (23).jpeg

John Nichols, Lowcountry Allure

image2 (6).jpeg

Steven White, Ebony Nude 

image4 (2).jpeg

D. Cogan, Happy Day

image3 (1).jpeg

Ann Anrrich, Broad St

image3 (2).jpeg

Teresa MacGillivary, Pink and Orange in Vase

image0 (7).jpeg

Ashley Mcmohan, Before Durian


The Warehouse is very proud to partner with over 100 local artists.  We offer the midlands most extensive  collection of local art from the most well known names in the area as well as artist that are showing their work for the first time. Our ever-changing collection includes paintings, photography, pottery, candles, wood working, sculpture, furniture and various other hand made items. 


If you are looking for a portrait of your child or pet or any custom art, our experienced staff will be happy to work with you and pair you with an

artist or artists that can best meets your needs. 

If you are an artist looking for a place to show and sell your work, please contact us.

Original Local Art

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