City People - 36x24                                                                                                    City Park People 24 x36

Original Local Art


The Warehouse is very proud to partner with over 100 local artist.  We offer the midlands most extensive  collection of local art from the most well known names in the area as well as artist that are showing their work for the first time. Our ever-changing collection includes paintings, photography, pottery, candles, wood working, sculpture, furniture and various other hand made items. 


If you are looking for a portrait of your child or pet or any custom art, our experienced staff will be happy to work with you and pair you with an

artist or artists that can best meets your needs. 

If you are an artist looking for a place to show and sell your work, please contact us.

April 2021 featured Artist

Colleen Dwyer

Watercolor, mixed media, and so much more are Colleen's creative outlets that feed her soul. Her friends love to receive her works as gifts and have commissioned pieces for themselves and their friends. This added demand inspired her to launch CBellDoodles.  Every piece she creates is unique and one of a kind with great consideration to color, texture, and balance. If one of her creations rings true with you, make it your own!

October 2019 Featured Artist:

Mark Conrardy 

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