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Some Progress

Finally, I can see a little progress being made on the building. Cleaning out years of dirt and debris has been dirty work. I am begining to feel as if there may be potential.

I have almost finished with the office area. On the outside, I cut out two openings and hung two vintage windows, hinging them at the top so they can open out for ventilation. Then I covered the walls with cedar shake siding and framed it out using 1x4s. The shake was painted "Cottage White" by Beher and the trim was painted grey. The window frame was painted black, The three colors made it look too busy, so I went back and painted the trim the same Cottage White. Repainting the trim was worth the extra effort.

On the inside, the windows were full of vines growing in from the outside. The paneling on the walls was mis-matched and had holes in it in a number of places. In an effort to save a little money, I covered the back wall with burlap fabric panels. I think it turned out well, however If I do this again, I would first cover the walls with craft paper, then the burlap because you can see the studs through the burlap. I don't think the burlap saved any money, there was a ton of waste because of the width of the burlap and the distance between the studs doesn't match. I used 20 yards just for the one back wall, The othe