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An Antique Country Store Counter

I decided that what was needed for the new store was antique counter from a country store. In searching for one, I found that in addition to costing thousands of dollars they were extremely heavy in places like Ohio and Texas. I have never designed and built anything on my own - but I decided to try my hand at making one. I used old doors, that I cut down for the front and sides and trimmed it out using new lumber. For the top, I used salvaged barn wood, Once applied it was lightly sanded and I will be adding epoxy to the top. I painted the base grey and then dry brushed some "Cottage White" over it, I am debating now if I should add a thin glaze of black or brown to highlight the details. However, I am very pleased with how it turned out. It looks like just what visioned. I am now thinking that it could be scaled down for a kitchen island or a console or foyer table.

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