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Have I lost My Mind?

A few weeks ago, on a lazy Sunday Morning, I made the mistake of going up to the antique mall where I have two booths. The woman who owns the mall asked me if I would help her husband remove something from the building next door. Since they are both friends, of course I was more than happy to lend a hand so I walked over to this dilapidated old building. I was immediately taken by the size and openness. and thought one day this could be something cool,

As I was helping I innocently asked what has happening with the building, Mike told me it was being cleaned out and was going to be put on the rental market. I really did not think that much about it at the time. Later, I started thinking how cool, the building COULD be and texted my friend who owns the building, A few days later me met and I have a lease on a dilapidated building.

The wheels have been turning in my head and I have many ideas. When I bought my house a few years ago, I was smart enough to take before pictures, which I lost when I busted a phone and of course had not been smart enough to back up my photos. So I have decided to not only keep photos but a blog too. If you are interested in following this journey, I would love it and am sure it will not necessarily go as I plan but I feel certain it will be an adventure. Here is what the building looks like right now. Maybe I have lost my mind!

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