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Shop the entire collection of our two favorite vendors

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With every challenge comes new opportunities.  We are fortunate to have partnered with our two favorite vendors, Park Hill Collection and Peacock Park Designs, to offer an incredible collection of products to our customers.

Both of these companies are committed to helping small businesses survive during these trying times.  These vendors only sell their items via wholesale, but they have converted their websites to retail pricing.  You can shop their entire collection and we will place the order and it will be shipped directly to The Warehouse.  We will then either set up curbside pick-up or delivery to you.  Both of these companies offer unusual, top quality products.  You will be able to choose from literally thousands more items than we could ever stock in our store.

Shop these companies now by clicking on the links below or you can send us your order by phone: 803-834-7557, text: 803-446-6711 or email: info at the  We will confirm all orders within 24 hours!

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